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March 29, 2013 / Jeb

Time For Coal Sector To Rebound as Natural Gas Prices Breakout?

In theater a farce is a comedy that uses disguises, costumes and ruses to make believe unlikely scenarios.  Over the past couple of years, we may have witnessed this bizarre script play out in the energy sector.

For awhile, one common misbelief among investors has been that fracking is the panacea that would solve the world’s energy problems.  Many investors have incorrectly ignored the coal and nuclear sector as a viable alternative.

However, for many months I warned my readers to be careful of what you read.  Natural gas is historically volatile and that coal and nuclear is crucial for modern industrial nations to utilize in their energy mix.

Natural gas is now breaking the $4 barrier and appears to be headed higher as supplies are tight due to increased demand and limited production.  There is also increasing opposition to fracking especially on groundwater contamination.

Read the full article by clicking here….


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