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March 29, 2013 / Jeb

Pick Up Bargains In The Junior Miners

You have to buy when there’s blood in the streets and real value. That’s when you have to step in and pick up the bargains. One should fight the crowd when you see value and learn to wait. To paraphrase Jesse Livermore, money is not made in the buying or selling, but in the waiting.

Many investors are chasing the latest trend hitting new highs rather than doing their homework and finding discounted opportunities that are trading close to liquidation levels. Look at discounted opportunities, study the fundamentals and invest in bargains. Stay away from chasing sectors that are overbought with questionable fundamentals. Be careful of analysts who recommend stocks at 50 times earnings and ignore companies that are trading below book value or cash value.

The junior market and the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture had a considerable downtrend since the beginning of 2011. A downtrend like this creates a fear that this will never end, and this ultimately becomes the consensus among investors. But one has to really think rationally during these periods of extreme pessimism.

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