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March 22, 2013 / Jeb

Buy Gold and Silver Wholesale

In ancient Greece, farmers would plant crops based on prophecies from an oracle.  Today investors look to spreadsheets and minute by minute charts to try to predict the future.  Trying to be a prophet is an unprofitable occupation.  The secret to wealth is buying wholesale, waiting and hopefully selling it retail.

We all love sales and discounts when prices drop for fast food, clothing or cars.  However, when it comes to mining stocks investors look for momentum and major price rises continuing to bid up the price to overbought levels.  Instead, they should look for quality assets on sale in mining friendly jurisdictions.

The key to making money in the mining market is when you buy not when you sell.  Mining equities are priced at irrationally discounted levels and many in the business for many decades have never seen such a disconnect between the share prices and the underlying assets.  This may be exactly the time to seize on opportunities of buying mining shares on sale.  Wall St. will intoxicate investors with a poison that takes away reason and force us to follow the flavor of the month.  This is happening right now in the ignored and undervalued resource sector and true contrarians who can dismiss the negativity in the market and press could make a fortune if they have patience and fortitude.  Technically, gold is basing and should reverse 
at support and could break out of $1800 later this year.

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