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October 12, 2012 / Jeb

Why Bill Gates Is Investing In Nuclear Power

Another great example, according to Handwerger, is Bill Gates’ position as one of the primary investors in TerraPower, a nuclear reactor design company. “Gates has invested tens of millions of dollars. To me, that’s a testament that forward-looking people know that when it comes to power, you need a mix. And that mix has to include nuclear,” he said.

All this nuclear development will require more uranium than above-ground supplies can provide, creating opportunity for uranium miners and the investors who believe in them.

“We’re seeing countries around the world building reactors. So we can expect to see more utilities signing long-term supply deals like the one Paladin just signed,” noted Handwerger. Paladin Energy (TSX:PDN,ASX:PDN) recently hooked a six-year supply deal under which an unidentified utility will give the Australia-based miner an upfront payment of $200 million for 13.73 million pounds of U308. Payment will be made in 2013, but Paladin does not have to start delivering until 2019. Handwerger calls the deal “a significant development that tells me utilities are in disparate need of uranium.

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