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September 11, 2012 / Jeb

Bernanke and Draghi Unleashing Global QE3

We do not equivocate or hedge or straddle ambiguous opinions.  We try to deal in straight talk.  Time and time again we have been a rare voice calling for a better than expected rally in wealth in the earth mining assets, gold, silver, uranium, rare earths and graphite.

Well here we are with the weekend Greece election which could depending on the outcome cause a pandemic meltdown for the global economy.  Already Greece is in crisis, hospitals are out of  basic necessities, people are rioting in the streets and jumping out of buildings.  Unemployment is above 22%.

The case for the Federal Reserve announcing accommodative measures is exponentially growing as the U.S. dollar has strengthened and commodities have declined since the expiration of QE2 last summer in 2011.  The Fed meets Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and may use this meeting to promote a “risk on” rally, especially if the European uncertainty spreads to the U.S. financial system.

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