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March 7, 2012 / Jeb

Manipulation in Gold and Silver Prices?

One would believe that from recent action this week particularly in the precious metals sector that “Dear Me, The Sky Is Falling!”. In reality, very little has changed in the specter that is haunting the global economy.

There is an old French saying, “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”  Observe that the Germans are ambivalent about bearing more gifts to the Greeks. Portugal, Italy, Spain are still in fiscal trouble. The vaunted employment figures omit the millions of our citizens who are living on unemployment benefits. What about the millions of bread winners over 50 years of age who have given up the search for employment.

Our facile economists and politicians are masters at “spinning” data to suit their thesis. So the mob is mesmerized and all is right with the world. Gold Stock Trades posits that there is much in the world’s sovereign economies that requires healing.

The Professors are saying that our economy has recovered. Look they say on the one hand unemployment is declining, housing is turning the corner and our economy is on the verge of happy days are here again.

On the other hand, the academics are saying that the unemployment situation is a question mark, the housing recovery may or may not be in recovery mode and that stimulus is being shelved. Today we have witnessed the old Orwellian game of double-speak and double-think.

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