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January 6, 2012 / Jeb

Rare Earths, Uranium and Gold/Silver Miners Gain During First Week of 2012

Once again at the end of 2011 we heard the voices of negation sounding the fear of the bursting of the commodities bubble.  The naysayers come out with their Cassandra calls whenever commodities go into a characteristic and salubrious selloff.  They never really learn to respect the importance of gold (GLD) and silver’s (SLV) role in the long range secular multiyear ongoing rise.

Gold Stock Trades emphasized the importance of avoiding knee jerk reactions when precious metals experience healthy pullbacks.  Today the commodities (DBC) are rising across the board as they return from the premature grave to which the naysayers have assigned them.

To read the full article click here…

Watch my recent interview with George Salamis from Edgewater Exploration (EDW:TSXV).  In this interview we discuss what may be impacting miners in 2012 and why the weak Euro may benefit European gold miners.


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