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February 15, 2011 / Jeb

Uranium Sector Rapidly Moving Higher

Once there was a time when America bestrode the nuclear world as a colossus. Names such as Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Manhattan Project helped to win World War II and contributed to many peacetime applications as well. Over the ensuing decades, the United States allowed other nations to take the lead in the development of nuclear power.

Recently I wrote an article depicting the French Leader Sarkozy celebrating the multi-billion-dollar agreement with India to build a new generation of safe nuclear reactors for the next 25 years. We have become a nation asleep at the switch while the world is developing cheap, non-carbon electricity. Many countries, especially Asian nations, are building reactors with many proposed to come online in the future. France is the world leader, building facilities in England, Finland, China, Italy, and India among others. Even countries rich with oil such as Saudi Arabia and Iran have goals of building nuclear power generation. Doesn’t that show the winds of change are blowing?

Jeff Immelt, Ceo of General Electric (GE), has gone on record decrying the snail’s pace at which nuclear plant construction is proceeding in the United States. He noted that we are building only one plant during a time of mass unemployment and mounting national debt.

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