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January 21, 2011 / Jeb

Pullback In Precious Metals Provides Buying Opportunity

With weather beaten gaze the fisherman scans the waters, watches and waits and then at the perfect moment, he casts his line. So we who are anglers for fish of silver and gold study the swirling waters and heave our hooks of small bait in hopes of catching the Big One.

The marketplace in precious metals is more complex than the ocean with its swirls and eddies and cunning currents designed to confound even the most skillful.  Yet the flows of fortune are constant if we but learn to read them. So we keep a firm hand on the rudder as long as the major wave in precious metals, uranium and rare earths is on the secular upswing. We ride the waves through their minor down drafts. Periodically, the moves catch in our throats and turn our stomachs. Still we hold on to our technical tiller and ride the major wave. We welcome such turbulent waters or down drafts as buying opportunities to make even more profitable catches.

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