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October 17, 2010 / Jeb

Time To Wait For Precious Metals Pullback Before Buying

These past few weeks, as the equity markets rallied based on the belief of further quantitative easing by the Fed in November’s meeting, the dollar has collapsed, which I warned readers about a couple of weeks ago. Since that time, gold and silver have had a historic and parabolic rise as investors feel the Fed will continue to ease through the end of the year. Investor sentiment has reversed completely over the last eight to 12 weeks, since I signaled a buy on gold. There are no concerns as bullish sentiment on equities and precious metals reaches record levels. Investors feel the Fed will solve everyone’s problem by devaluing the US dollar. The temporary Band-Aid isn’t fixing any of the core problems. Unemployment is still high and housing is weak. Neither the financials nor the homebuilders are participating in this rally, which leads me to suspect this entire rise in the markets isn’t sustainable as it’s been on low volume and key sectors haven’t yet participated.

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