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September 29, 2009 / Jeb

Taseko Mines (TGB) Signaling a Second Opportunity As It Consolidates For the First Time After Breakout Move.


I first recommended Taseko back in May at a 1.50.  Look at point A which is where I first recommended it. A day or two later it broke out on huge volume and then did a complete pull back and fake out before breaking into new highs.  If you take a look at the archives on this site you will see that I got back in after seeing the false head and shoulders.  Right now TGB is consolidating and I expect major volume to come in to support this stock at the 50 day moving average.  This is when many institutions add to positions.  Remember when I said this stock will be able to buy your family a lot of holiday presents by December.  Already readers have a huge 67%  gain and I expect more to come as we await good news from prosperity and solid copper prices.


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  1. PNB / Dec 11 2009 5:10 am

    I don’t agree. Wait until the Japanese investor finds out how bad the Taseko Mines/Gibraltar Mines runs it’s operations and they will withdraw their investment and we’ll all the bottom fell out of the mine’s profits. They spend huge on expanding something that cannot handle the design expectations. This place is a time bomb waiting to explode. Be careful on this one; spend your money on better/safer stocks.

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