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July 3, 2009 / Jeb

Big Buy from China, China Buying Teck Cominco (TCK)

For the past several weeks I have been discussing China’s goal.  They are moving from U.S. Treasuries to U.S. and Canadian natural resources.  Today China invested $1.74 billion in Teck Cominco continuing to show their thirst for real assets to fuel their growing economy.  For Teck this erases a lot of debt and builds a relationship with China who is its major customer.

As an investor and trader I follow the money.  I am buying companies with real assets and with great interest from China.

Each company I own and recommend have an established relationship with China and have the assets that will greatly appreciate over time.

It’s time if you have not done so already to protect yourself from toxic assets (Short Goldman) and buy companies with real assets (undervalued mining companies that I have recommended).

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July.

The United States was founded on freedom and individual’s rights.  Let’s hope for a day where government is limited, individual rights are restored and where the “free hand of capitalism” will continue as our Founding Father’s wanted.


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