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May 6, 2013 / Jeb

Goldman Sachs Covers Short On Gold As It Breaks Above $1400

It appears Goldman Sachs is covering its short on gold as it rebounds above $1400.  Meanwhile, they have helped confuse and misdirect the investment community out of gold.  This was a classic shakeout and bear trap which is going to start major short covering.

Be ready to see increased short covering combined with record physical demand.  These are the elements for a price spike and breakout higher in both gold and silver.  These markets are ready to start moving higher after basing for 2 years and having a major short attack by the big banks too big to fail and the media.

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May 6, 2013 / Jeb

Don’t Be Fooled By Gold and Silver Correction

“The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many men as possible.”
Bernard Baruch

The majority of investors continue to chase the equity markets and U.S. dollar higher which both look very overbought.  Despite these high priced,  risky levels, gold, silver and platinum are testing strong areas of support and multi year lows.

The Venture is testing 2008 lows and near 2003 gold valuations of a ridiculous $400 an ounce.  Don’t be fooled the majority of investors selling their resource shares for pennies on the dollar to chase the overbought equities, could be capitulating at exactly the wrong time.

The Venture is cheap priced at $400 au/oz.  This is a ten year low testing 2003 levels.  Gold is more than 50% higher than its pre credit crisis highs, the S&P 500 is now breaking through 2007 highs and the Venture is still discounted more than 70%.  The Venture appears historically mispriced and discounted indicating its buying time for long term value investors, not selling time.

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April 11, 2013 / Jeb

When Will The Panic End In The Junior Miners?

The resource area may be in the midst of a three month capitulation and major rotation.  Old, tired players are trying to sell at any price making room for the next fresh group of value investors and entrepreneurs picking up discounted assets.

This sort of parabolic downward move historically represents bear market bottoms as the shorts cover and value investors step in.  Extremely powerful upward moves can follow as shorts cover and fresh new buying comes in.  Short term investors may be  mistakenly selling their wealth in the earth assets at pennies on the dollar to chase the sectors actively supported by Central Banks such as housing and financials.  These sectors may be risky, overbought and could easily correct.

I believe long term resource investors should exercise caution selling into this panic after a 2+ year decline as this panic capitulation may mark the bear cycle low and become a major reversal area.  Smart capital may soon enter the wealth in the earth sector to hedge against inflationary risks as mining equity valuations hit record lows while large cap equities move into parabolic territory.

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April 11, 2013 / Jeb

Follow The Smart Money To The Undervalued Gold and Silver Miners

Investors unsure of which way to turn in this market need only watch the “smart money,” says Jeb Handwerger, the editor and publisher of like John Paulson and Carlos Slim are plucking up mining investments on the cheap. In this interview with The Gold Report, Handwerger shares his favorite discount buys.

The Gold Report: Gold recently witnessed some upside price support after the Cypriot parliament proposed taking money from private bank accounts to raise the €5.8 billion needed to qualify for an international bailout. What was your first reaction to that news?

Jeb Handwerger: Any confiscation of bank accounts would just highlight what I have been saying for a long time—savers are losing money in their banks. Bank deposits are supposed to be a safe haven. Investors are going to seek out alternative hedges against the deterioration of currency and financial repression worldwide. This isn’t just happening in Cyprus, but all over the world where there are citizens losing money in their banks and are experiencing negative real rates. Investors need to look for the assets that will protect and grow their wealth in case public policies continue to destroy wealth and savings.

TGR: How does this differ from what happened in Greece?

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March 29, 2013 / Jeb

Time For Coal Sector To Rebound as Natural Gas Prices Breakout?

In theater a farce is a comedy that uses disguises, costumes and ruses to make believe unlikely scenarios.  Over the past couple of years, we may have witnessed this bizarre script play out in the energy sector.

For awhile, one common misbelief among investors has been that fracking is the panacea that would solve the world’s energy problems.  Many investors have incorrectly ignored the coal and nuclear sector as a viable alternative.

However, for many months I warned my readers to be careful of what you read.  Natural gas is historically volatile and that coal and nuclear is crucial for modern industrial nations to utilize in their energy mix.

Natural gas is now breaking the $4 barrier and appears to be headed higher as supplies are tight due to increased demand and limited production.  There is also increasing opposition to fracking especially on groundwater contamination.

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March 29, 2013 / Jeb

Pick Up Bargains In The Junior Miners

You have to buy when there’s blood in the streets and real value. That’s when you have to step in and pick up the bargains. One should fight the crowd when you see value and learn to wait. To paraphrase Jesse Livermore, money is not made in the buying or selling, but in the waiting.

Many investors are chasing the latest trend hitting new highs rather than doing their homework and finding discounted opportunities that are trading close to liquidation levels. Look at discounted opportunities, study the fundamentals and invest in bargains. Stay away from chasing sectors that are overbought with questionable fundamentals. Be careful of analysts who recommend stocks at 50 times earnings and ignore companies that are trading below book value or cash value.

The junior market and the Toronto Stock Exchange Venture had a considerable downtrend since the beginning of 2011. A downtrend like this creates a fear that this will never end, and this ultimately becomes the consensus among investors. But one has to really think rationally during these periods of extreme pessimism.

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March 29, 2013 / Jeb

Shortage In Food This Decade?

Is The Junior Potash Sector Hitting Rock Bottom?

Population growth combined with potential inflationary effects could lead to increased demand for food.  Increasing populations with declining arable land per capita will force farmers to boost yield using the key ingredient potash.

Potash or potassium salts are amazing fertilizers.  They make the plant stronger and improves output.  Potash helps the physical condition of the crop boosting vitality.  It helps a plant’s immunity to withstand drought, infection and parasites.  Do not forget that potash is also used in drilling, building materials, paper, pharmaceuticals and other products.

Continuing interest especially out of Asia, India and Brazil for a secure long term supply could boost global demand to 75 million tons by 2020 and boost the need for junior potash developers.  These countries have major supply demand imbalances.

The global population increases 300-400 million people every five years.  Rising emerging economies require more well rounded diets consisting of higher meat based and crop intensive diets.

Arable land is declining per capita and this means farmers will need to boost yields.   US imports 90% of what it consumes and only produces 1 million tons a year.  Domestic agricultural giants may need to secure a domestic supply of potash.

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